100 kilometers in 1.1L: Toyota Wilanda plug-in hybrid version pre-sale exposure:

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A few days ago, a poster of a suspected Toyota Veranda plug-in hybrid model was exposed on the Internet.

According to the poster, the pre-sale price of the new car is 36,999 U.S Dollars. The Veranda plug-in hybrid version is officially known as the Veranda high-performance version.

It debuted at the previous Shanghai Auto Show. Some media reported that the new car is expected to be officially launched in early May, but it has not yet been officially confirmed.

The new car is similar to the new generation RAV4 in body shape and body contour,

but the front and rear designs are significantly different. Among them is the exaggerated mesh air intake in the middle of the front enclosure, and the front of the car looks full of momentum and aggressiveness.

The interior of the Veranda PHEV is basically the same as that of the dual engine version. The settings of each functional area are very clear and easy to use.

The seat is designed with red decorative strips and red stitching to create a good sense of movement. Judging from the information obtained so far, all new cars are equipped with Toyota Safety Sense smart travel safety package as standard,

including pre-collision safety system with pedestrian recognition,

full-speed adaptive cruise, lane tracking assist, automatic far and near light and other functions. In addition, it is also equipped with Basic safety features such as tire pressure monitoring, auxiliary brakes, and 9 airbags in the entire vehicle are implemented.

In terms of power,

the new car is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 2.5L Atkinson cycle engine and an electric motor. The maximum power of the 2.5L engine alone is 131kW (178PS), and the combined maximum power after adding the electric motor is 225kW (306PS).

Compared with the Weilanda HEV,

the Weilanda high-performance version is equipped with a larger capacity battery pack. The comprehensive fuel consumption declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is 1.1L/100km, which is equivalent to only 0.06 yuan for fuel consumption for one kilometer. Under the circumstances, the battery life is expected to exceed 1000km.

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100 kilometers in 1.1L: Toyota Wilanda plug-in hybrid version pre-sale exposure:

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