BYD Tang DM-i is officially offline! Super hybrid running 1050km with one tank of fuel

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BYD has always had this solid technical accumulation in the field of hybrid systems. It can be said that BYD can accurately hit the market’s pain points every time it makes a shot.

The current BYD DM hybrid has developed to the third generation, and on this basis two major platforms have been derived-DM-p and DM-i. Among them, DM-p will focus on performance, and the latest DM-i will focus on fuel. Economy.

On April 27th, we learned from BYD that the Tang DM-i version was officially offline.

The new car has been officially launched before, and three models have been launched, with a price range of 29,000 $ to 34,000 U.S Dollars. It is expected that they will be delivered to car owners in the near future.

As a new model, the appearance of the new car has not changed much. It still uses the iconic Dargon Face Longyan family design, which is visually quite domineering.

Compared with the cash Tang, Tang DM-i’s biggest change lies in power.

According to reports, the super hybrid system carried by Tang DM-i consists of a 1.5T engine + electric motor.Among them, the 1.5T high-efficiency engine for Snap Cloud-Plug-In hybrid adopts Miller cycle working mode, with a compression ratio of 12.5:1, with a variable-section turbocharger, and a thermal efficiency of up to 40%.

It is matched with the lithium iron phosphate blade battery, which provides two pure electric endurance models of 52km and 112km.With full fuel and electricity, Tang DM-i’s comprehensive cruising range can be 1010km and 1050km respectively, and it can also be listed with a green card.

The official statement,

Tang DM-i’s lowest fuel consumption is only 5.3L/100km. At the same time, it can run into about 8.5s from 100 kilometers, which is good enough for a medium-sized SUV weighing 2 tons.

More importantly, Tang DM-i does not have a gearbox in the traditional sense, but is equipped with an EHS electric hybrid system, which can realize continuously variable transmission, bid farewell to frustration, and the driving experience is as smooth as a pure electric vehicle.

At present, there are many hybrid models on the market, but the launch of BYD Tang DM-i undoubtedly redefines the technical standards of 31,000 U.S Dollars, hybrid SUV, and further demonstrates the pioneering and innovation of independent brands in the field of hybrid technology.

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