Which Electric Car Is Better In 2021? United States. Defeated By China

In the last era of the automobile industry, Europe, America and Japan almost mastered the world’s most advanced technology and craftsmanship. However, after entering the era of electrification, the pattern of the global automobile market is quietly changing, and China is expected to seize the opportunity to overtake the car. Which Electric Car is Better? […]

Ohno ;Suzuki Recalls 111k Suzuki Jimnys Due To Airbags Issue

There is a “wonderful model” in the global off-road industry, and it is the Suzuki Jimny. The road that Toyota can go overbearing, Jimny can go, but the road that Jimny can go, the overbearing road may not be able to go. The 1.3L self-priming engine has a maximum horsepower of 85 horsepower. It uses […]