Dongfeng Motor:100% pure electric new passenger cars in 2024

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For fuel vehicles,

with the continuous squeeze of emission standards and the advancement of automobile electrification, it is also an indisputable fact that fuel vehicles are beginning to enter the long history. Among the many domestic auto companies, Dongfeng Motor also took the lead in showing its determination and courage to change itself.

According to media reports, Dongfeng Motor released the “14th Five-Year” development strategy plan and the “Fengqi from the East” plan on the occasion of the Shanghai Auto Show in 2021.

In addition to the 100% electrification

of new models of the main passenger car brand by 2024, Dongfeng will also implement large-scale demonstration applications of L4 intelligent connected vehicles and master the key core technologies of L5 intelligent connected vehicles. Dongfeng’s unmanned driving brand “Infinite Star” products unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show will cover L4 and L5 level driverless smart cards.

Zhu Yanfeng, Chairman of Dongfeng Company, said

that in order to successfully set off on the new journey of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Dongfeng Company will practice Dongfeng’s brand value concept of “Quality, Wisdom, and Joy” more clearly and concretely, and put more emphasis on technological innovation. Important strategic position, and strive to transform into a technology-based enterprise. An excellent technology enterprise that provides users with high-quality automotive products and services will become a brand-new positioning of Dongfeng.

In order to achieve a brand-new positioning,

during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Dongfeng Company has established three “One Million” plans in terms of building quality Dongfeng. Dongfeng has formulated three “One Million” plans. By 2025, commercial vehicles, The sales volume of self-owned passenger cars and new energy vehicles reached 1 million units, and Dongfeng’s self-owned brands entered the top 3 of the industry.

In terms of building a smart Dongfeng,

Dongfeng will further increase its R&D investment, which will increase to 100 billion yuan during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, of which the R&D investment intensity of independent brands shall not be less than 6%.

By the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, more than 2,000 key core technologies will be independently controlled, with a control rate of 95%. Vigorously implement the intellectual property strategy, and the cumulative number of invention patents has increased by 5 times, reaching more than 6,000. By then, the revenue generated by technology and service innovation business will account for a quarter of the revenue from independent business.

In terms of building Heyue Dongfeng,

centering on being a partner that creates value for customers, society and employees, Dongfeng aims to make its own passenger car customer satisfaction enter the industry’s TOP3, and commercial vehicle customer satisfaction will strive to be the industry’s TOP1.

In terms of vehicle business,

Dongfeng will continue to adhere to the idea of ​​simultaneously developing commercial and passenger vehicles. On the one hand, we will consolidate the leading advantages of the first domestic brand in the commercial vehicle business, deepen business transformation, and strive to achieve both market share and quality and efficiency improvements.

On the other hand, it strengthens its differentiated layout in the field of autonomous passenger vehicles, focusing on building Lantu, Dongfeng Fengshen and high-end electric off-road brands.

In terms of new technology research and development,

Dongfeng will focus on new energy, intelligent network connection and powertrain, and build an industry cluster in the technology sector. In the field of “three powers”, the future will focus on research and development to build industry-leading platform architecture and core technologies, and accelerate the commercialization of technologies such as hydrogen fuel cells.

In terms of intelligent network connection, Dongfeng will further promote the large-scale, market-oriented and commercial application of Dongfeng’s autonomous vehicles within five years. At present, Dongfeng’s L4 level 5G self-driving car Sharing-VAN, L4 level self-driving taxi Robotaxi, 5G port unmanned container truck, etc. have realized operations in different scenarios.

At the same time,

Dongfeng will also build two power brands, Longqing and Mach. Longqing is used for commercial vehicles, while Mach is mainly used for passenger vehicles. Mach Power currently covers the 1.0-2.0L field, forming a combination of C15TDR high-efficiency engine and hybrid drive assembly, and will launch a more competitive product portfolio in the future.

Dongfeng will also actively explore in the areas of smart shared energy supplementation, smart full-stack logistics, and smart user ecology. Further build the service ecological business group and build Dongfeng’s service ecological brand.

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