FAW Toyota’s new SUV “Harrier” exposed or named “Rifang”

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In the domestic SUV market,

Toyota’s model layout is not perfect, and FAW Toyota has not yet carried the flag of a medium-sized SUV. Today, FAW Toyota will introduce a new mid-size SUV “Harrier” in addition to the Highlander sister model.

A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that FAW Toyota registered the “Rifang” trademark, which may be a new name for the upcoming domestic Harrier model.

As a global model, Harrier is built on the same platform as Rongfang RAV4. It is positioned higher than RAV4 but lower than Highlander and can be regarded as a large RAV4 model. The arrival of this vehicle will further subdivide Toyota’s model layout in the domestic SUV market.

The new Harrier is based on the GA-K platform under the TNGA architecture and is positioned as a five-seater SUV.

It will be equipped with a 2.0 self-priming engine and 2.5L hybrid power configuration, matching CVT stepless transmission, and E-Four four-wheel drive system.

The overseas version of the new car’s official map has been released before, combined with this patent map, the overall shape of the two is almost the same. The shape of the car side is almost the same as that of the Lexus RX. It is not difficult to see that Toyota has incorporated Lexus’ design genes to a certain extent when building the Harrier.

The length, width, and height of the new overseas version are

4740/1855/1660mm, and the wheelbase is 2690mm.There is no definitive news about whether the domestic version of the model will be lengthened. However, taking into account the actual body size performance of the car, it is expected that the possibility of lengthening is unlikely.

It is understood that a document previously exposed by the media showed that FAW Toyota’s domestic Harrier code-named 941B will be officially mass-produced in November this year, with an initial production capacity of 5,000 units/month. At the same time, GAC Toyota also plans to have a 942B model, another version of Harrier.

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FAW Toyota’s new SUV “Harrier” exposed or named “Rifang”

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