In April, the passenger car complaint rankings released, FAW-Volkswagen has the highest number of complaints

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With the continuous improvement of everyone’s economic level, cars have become standard items for many families.

However, based on their own driving experience and life safety,

many people are still more concerned about the quality of cars. Recently, Car Quality Network has compiled a ranking of passenger car complaints in April

Data shows that FAW-Volkswagen has become the brand with the most complaints, and Tanyue, Magotan, Sagitar, and Tiguan L have taken the top four on the list. The problems of these vehicles include the engine, transmission, body accessories and electrical appliances, braking system and other aspects, including exhaust failure, high fuel consumption, car lights do not turn on, engine start-stop system failure and other issues.

Among them,FAW-Volkswagen Tan Yue ranked first with 267 complaints,

FAW-Volkswagen Magotan ranked second with 96 complaints, and FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar ranked third with 80 complaints., FAW-Volkswagen Tiguan L ranked fourth with 62 complaints, and Guangqi Honda Fit ranked fifth with 59 complaints.

According to country analysis, among the top ten models, German cars have the largest number, with six models.

Followed by Japanese cars, four models are on the list, including Fit, X-Trail, Accord and Sylphy. From the perspective of brand attributes, these ten cars belong to Sino-foreign joint venture brands.

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