Introducing the first modern electrical sports car

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In order to make human life easier and more efficient, modern vehicles are being developed in the automobile industry as well as in other fields.

To protect the environment from pollution, all the companies in the world have now started making electric vehicles. Continuing this trend, the company that manufactures the most expensive vehicles, Ferrari, has introduced a modern luxury sports car.

According to Ferrari, the car will be powered by electric, which is faster than others, while it also has a hybrid system installed, which can prevent air pollution.

The company said that the engine of this car will be more alive than other cars of Ferrari.

Enrique, Ferrari’s chief marketing and commercial officer, said the car, dubbed the 296 GTB, has two seats and is priced at 21 321,000. He said that this vehicle is capable of running at a speed of 330 km per hour.

The Italian company said that this vehicle built on electrical system will be available in the European market by 2022 and worldwide by 2025. V#racedotpk #Automotive #Automobile

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