Musk’s monkey brain chip experiment was questioned!Expert: It was fine 20 years ago

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Last week, Musk released the latest test video of a brain-computer interface, which showed a 9-year-old macaque named “Pager” through the built-in Neuralink device to realize the use of mind to control video games.

Musk said

that he believes the potential of Neuralink is almost limitless, such as telepathically summoning a Tesla in self-driving, or establishing a data connection between humans and machines, or even as in The Matrix. Learn a language or martial arts immediately.

It can be seen that Musk has very high expectations for Neuralink, but some experts do not think so.

Recently, Andrew, a neurobiologist at the University of Pittsburgh, said

that the monkey experiment video released by Musk’s brain chip company Neurallink is very basic and has been proven 20 years ago.

It is reported that as early as two years ago, a domestic team developed a set of UDrone idea drones.
Just wear an external control device on your head to control the drone’s flight through your idea and freely control it up and down.

In the left-right direction, this technology is safer and more convenient than the method that requires the implantation of a chip in the brain.

According to Musk Neuralink’s previous vision, if a real human brain-computer interface is realized, a surgical robot is needed to remove a skull and implant it with a chip connected to the brain, and link it with devices such as smartphones via Bluetooth. .

Because it involves craniotomy

and the placement of foreign objects in the brain, the Neuralink brain-computer interface project has been questioned by many experts and scholars since its inception.

From a technical point of view, the existing technical means are not enough to eliminate the damage to the human body from the implanted chip, and this research still has a long way to go

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Musk’s monkey brain chip experiment was questioned!Expert: It was fine 20 years ago

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