Suzuki Recalls More Than 110,000 Suzuki Jimnys When The Door Is Opened Too Many Airbags

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There is a “wonderful model” in the global off-road industry, and it is the Suzuki Jimny. The road that Toyota can go overbearing, Jimny can go, but the road that Jimny can go, the overbearing road may not be able to go.

The 1.3L self-priming engine has a maximum horsepower of 85 horsepower. It uses a front four-wheel drive structure and is also a non-load-bearing body. This configuration also allows Jimny to “walk sideways” in the off-road circle all year round.

However, recently, Jimny will be recalled on a large scale because of airbag problems.

According to media reports, Japan’s Suzuki Company declared to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism to urgently recall 110,000 light off-road vehicles “Jimny”. Suzuki found that the airbags and flashing lights installed on the doors of this model may not work.

The Suzuki recalled this time is the Suzuki “Jimny” produced from 2018 to 2020, the number of which is about 111,000. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, the defective wiring on the door of the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat is improperly designed. If the door is repeatedly opened and closed, the wiring will be broken, resulting in damage to the airbags and reflectors on the doors. The flash does not work.

A total of 13 defect reports have been received across Japan, but no vehicle accidents have occurred for the time being. Suzuki will notify auto sales stores nationwide from the 14th, and repairs can be carried out free of charge.

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