The legendary dolphin?BYD’s new hybrid SUV will be released in the second half of the year

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As the “Tang, Song, Qin, Han” and other dynasty family models continue to exert strength, BYD has ushered in explosive growth in recent years. In order to further consolidate the advantages of the industry leader, BYD is constantly improving its product lineup.

Recently, according to many media reports,

BYD’s new SUV (internal codename SK2H, suspected Dolphin series) will be officially launched in the second half of this year. The new car is positioned as a compact SUV and will be equipped with a DM hybrid system.

The new car adopts BYD’s latest Dragon Face design language, the overall shape is more fashionable and youthful, and the details are equipped with hidden door handles and through-type taillights.

It is worth mentioning that the style of the new car’s taillights has been redesigned, and the more complex 3D structure presents a different visual experience.

In the interior, the new car will adopt a new design concept,

with three large screens distributed in the main driving, central control and co-driving areas, and the design of the three-screen linkage is full of technology. The steering wheel has also been redesigned and is very novel.

According to the previously exposed BYD new car plan, it is speculated that this model code-named SK2H, or a mass production version of the X DREAM concept car.

In terms of power, the new car is expected to be equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system consisting of a 1.5L engine and an electric vehicle, paying more attention to fuel economy.

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