Toyota Asia Dragon rolls after collision: 10 airbags have not popped

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vehicle airbags are a guarantee for the safety of drivers and passengers when the vehicle encounters an emergency. However, Xiaolou recently did not expect that the Toyota Asia Dragon driven by his father rolled over after the collision, and none of the 10 airbags were ejected.

Xiaolou’s father bought a Toyota Asia Dragon for 250,000 in January last year. On April 23rd, his father drove into a collision and the car rolled over the farmland. Four feet up to the sky”, but none of the ten airbags popped out.

Judging from the video, the front bumper of the car has been hit and dented, the windshield shattered, and the top of the car fell into a mess.

It is reported that the car hit the sidewalk sign. After the crash, the whole car rolled over and into the field below. During the rollover, the car rolled over.

Xiaolou said that his father was fatigued and caused the accident. At that time, his father was alone. Fortunately, there was no major problem, except that he suffered some skin injuries. But what puzzled him was that in such a big accident, none of the airbags in the car popped out.

In this regard, the after-sales manager of the 4S shop explained that the airbags around the driver’s seat are located on the steering wheel, on both sides of the seat, and on the top of the door. Each airbag has its own trigger point, and the location of the trigger point is The sensor, the sensor will trigger the airbag to pop out after receiving enough external force.For this explanation, Xiaolou could not accept it, because the vehicle rolled over, the roof airbag did not pop out, and the steering wheel airbag did not pop out.

The after-sales manager said that the sensor for the airbag on the top of the car is not on the top, but on the side of the vehicle.

At the same time, the airbag on the steering wheel requires two sensors in the front of the car, which are installed on both sides of the two beams, because Xiaolou’s father’s car The impact point is in the middle, and the possibility that the airbag will not pop out is also very high.

Xiaolou hopes that the 4S store will give an authoritative text description of the reason why the airbag did not pop up. The after-sales manager said that they have communicated to the manufacturer, and as long as the customer agrees, the data at the time of the vehicle can be read. Xiaolou agreed.

According to data,

Asia Dragon is a medium-sized sedan owned by FAW Toyota, and it can also be regarded as the successor of the Crown. The new car is built based on the TNGA architecture, equipped with 2.0L, 2.5L and 2.5L hybrid options for power, and has a minimum fuel consumption of 4.3L per 100 kilometers.

It is worth noting that in the previous crash test of the China Insurance Research Institute, Toyota Asia Dragon obtained P (poor) for crashworthiness and maintenance economy, the safety index for occupants in the car, the safety index for pedestrians outside the car, and The vehicle auxiliary safety index was awarded G (excellent).

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