Which Electric Car Is Better In 2021? United States. Defeated By China

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In the last era of the automobile industry, Europe, America and Japan almost mastered the world’s most advanced technology and craftsmanship. However, after entering the era of electrification, the pattern of the global automobile market is quietly changing, and China is expected to seize the opportunity to overtake the car.

Which Electric Car is Better?

It is worth noting that the United States has clearly realized that China is a powerful rival in the auto industry. A few days ago, US President Biden said in a speech at the Ford factory that electric vehicles are “the future of the automobile industry” and China is “leading” in this race. He also called on the United States to act quickly.Which Electric Car is Better

According to the speech transcript released by the White House, Biden made clear in his speech the importance of electric vehicles in the future. At the same time, he said: “We used to invest more in automobile research and development than any country in the world, and China ranks ninth. Now, we rank eighth and China ranks first.”

Then Biden sighed: “Today, the scale of China’s manufacturing industry is larger than that of all other countries.” But Biden changed his words: They won’t win this game, we can’t let them win, we have to act quickly.Which Electric Car is Better

The smart car school believes that even if it is true as Biden said-China’s R&D investment in the field of electric vehicles is the highest in the world, we should not use this as arrogant capital, but should use resources rationally and develop on the ground.
Compared with Chinese and American electric vehicle companies, new power brands such as Weilai, Ideal, and Xiaopeng have a good reputation and market performance in China, but Tesla from the United States is also a powerful force in the domestic market. If you look at the world, Tesla is undoubtedly the top brand in the field of electric vehicles.

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